Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bunny Lady

"Bunny Lady"
Slip the rabbit grimace flat
In closet skeletons drowned
And when your cries from skim milk fat
Submerged the children found

Embellish blames oh with a sob
With TLC disguised
Not two but three lives you would rob
Imposture televised

Forensic frenzy
Riddle sketch
Tweedle dumb
No bone to fetch

And with the bones all locked away
You would be as well
And dream of justice everyday
Tucked in your bed of hell

Poem by and acrylic/pen on canvas by Mando Padilla

"Bunny Lady" is the painting and poem of the day because every day, I Dream of Monsters.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Robot Zoo

"Robot Zoo"
Pyrite tusks
And glass eye musks
Wanted not what it got
A devilish grin
Upon its chn
And a new pet robot

Synthetic skins
Reptilian tins
With nectar-venom, sweet
Your merry hell
The poisoned well
Your thirst never deplete

Stripe upon stripe
The fruit rots ripe
The imitated laugh
The mime plays dead
Monkeys in its head
Starve - broken necked giraffe

Hyena's numb
Stagnant jokes - crumb
As when the robots rust
Dead crops planted
Blood for granted
The zoo will turn to dust

As for today
Living in play
In wisdom's words anew
For every stream
Has its own dream
In worlds we call the zoo

Poem by and acrylic on canvas by Mando Padilla

"Robot Zoo" is the painting and poem of the day because every day, I Dream of Monsters.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Spine Tingler

"Spine Tingler"
I fly amid the hellfire earth
With laughter at my side
Cause, if we are just afterbirth
Tis' grouch's freckle snide

Incineration melts the froth
Of rabies candlelight
Malign, a vigil held you doth
Memento singed with spite

In armor of an insect, crushed
With dignity abroad
Shall lead the path to demons pushed
To gilded traps nor fraud

Atop this ailing spine I walk
With pain's wisdom thereof
Thin ice and swords do seldom talk
For you are none above

Between these gliding perished wings
Upon the tingling spine
Amid the hells, an angel sings
The guardian of mine

Poem and painting by Mando Padilla

"Spine Tingler" is the painting of the day because everyday, I dream of monsters.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Helter Skelter Solitaire

"Helter Skelter Solitaire"
What is it you wish?
Your own crucifix?
What sacrifice have you?

Worship in the mirror
A one sided stare
Echos, solitaire
The fictitious lair

Grotesque beyond aim
With abscess's shame
A sting thou shalt claim
For cruel is your name

And while you incite
Yet, another fight
Imprisoned polite
As darkness your light

What pain we endure
From you is so pure
Know self, insecure
A pawn or a lure

Tis' all in the head
Infections will spread
Bandages drop dead
Scab will the force fed

Kindness is not dumb
Time will never come
For all that is numb
But, you'll eat your scum

So fight your own fight
Your own dirty mirror
Lonesome helter-skelter

Poem and painting by Mando Padilla

"Scarifix" is the painting of the day because everyday, I dream of monsters.

The painting was inspired by this drawing I made of a crucified cockroach taking a dump. I bleeding skull was attached to the cockroach's umbelical cord.  The original painting (which I painted over) depicted two steak-torsoed skeleton officers. I liked the color but not the art so I left the corners alone. I started out with dark dots then threw green flames over them. The flames .... up close...totally 3-D. From there, I sketched out the art based on the original drawing. Instead of the cockroach, I opted for a scorpion over a stitched cross. Its dark and humorous at the same time (with the poem to match). Canvas board with a matte spray finish.

Monday, November 30, 2009

P.S. Martia / Behind the Scenes

"P.S. Martia"
The piano's abrasive chords
Discharged puss from its pumice on
Slate throat gag release of sound
Her fingertips turned purple because
she was sure

She listened to the hoarse wallops of
The galloping breaths of the hip-tides
Hip-tides are two-headed monsters
They were inseparable...
her admiration for them anyway

She kissed the pneumonia on its throat
Only to find herself crucified to its conscience
Conscience of wisdom through witness
Aware, Wednesday loathes Sundays... hanging

The cellos soothed her heart
But it only made it worse
"P.S., the death." they wrote
But her mind disobeyed shifting to find comfort in her channel of thought
Like sifting through a transistor radio

"Don't remind me for, I've seen", she thought
Her knees head to head
Then she saw the pneumonia fade into the deep sea of honesty
The death that surrounded it was not hers

Poem and painting by Mando Padilla

This is the photo of the day because everyday I dream of monsters.

"P.S. Martia" is something that keeps popping up everytime I clean up my notebooks. Its just a fun thing to read although I'm not sure what it means anymore. I chose it for this entry because my garage is filled with ideas, skulls and music notes. In fact, every morning before I work out, my garage reminds me of the work that needs to be done. All of these canvases are now full on paintings which. Some of which will be revealed in the up and coming weeks.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Imagination's Friend

"Imagination’s Friend"
Encompass thee
Thine harmony
In clustered words so free
New rhythms sway
My spirit’s day
Poetic soulscapes flee

Amid a hymn
In synonym
Enlightened words will flow
Forlorn oh, dim
The antonym
Yet, magically aglow

For art embraced
The words I seek
With syllables astray
Yet, all in place
Sounds which I speak
Gold thread of words at play

When left untold
To unify
Words at opposite ends
New worlds unfold
Give to thine eyes
Imagination’s friend.

Poem by and acrylic on canvas by Mando Padilla

"Clowerrot Coverup" is the painting of the day because everyday, I dream of monsters.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinocchio's Kids II

"Pinocchio's Kids II"
Shall I peck your nose in half
Before it does surpass
The length of neck upon giraffe
Yes, I should do it fast

Your eyes of wander do exceed
No evidence of guilt
And in your dire quench's need
Perhaps then you shalt tilt

The bloodshed all for ridicule
And hence, the postulant
Yet, all your hell was miniscule
And temple tolerant

Relinquish souls of pestilence
And skeletons you kept
Engorging void of innocence
Death has already wept

The masses restless as it grows
Regretfully it shows
Seduction with dramatic woes
For those already foes

Poem and painting by Mando Padilla

"Pinocchio's Kids II" is the painting of the day because everyday, I dream of monsters.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Donut Pig

"Donut Pig!"
My stomache growl
And anxious jowl
Beg for a sweetened bite

Too late too cook
For snacks I look
A donut, I just might

The cupboard creeks
My smiling cheeks
Hold pastries sweetened bright

I hear the swine
Cries ,"Those are mine!"
It begs for one more fight

My stomache growl
And anxious jowl
Cry as I put it back

The swine fell ill
To greed and swill
He had a heart attack

Poem and acrylic on canvas by Mando Padilla

"Donut Pig" is the painting of the day because every day, I dream of monsters.

Don't mess with the pigr's donuts! With locks for eyes, they're out for blood. I've known people who've flipped like that over sweets. I think that's part of the reason I stay away from sweets. I mean, I like them but if I don't know where they came from, I'll just leave them for the donut pig.
Here is the drawing that inspired this blog entry.
"Pastry Junkie - Mine!" color pencil by Mando Padilla

Monday, November 16, 2009

Flattery Battery

"Flattery Battery"
Bolted shut eyes
Sugarcoat lies
Story of the day

Laughter was smeared
In pinwheels, you steered
Sending your judgment astray

Love is unsure
Drink for the cure
Maybe the other will stay

Strung way too high
In stitches, you fly
Your license was taken away

Poem and acrylic painting by Mando Padilla

"Flattery Battery" is the painting of the day because every day, I dream of monsters.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pinnochio's Kids

"Pinnochio's Kids"
The ears are sick
From lies so thick
Deflated head on neck

The nose it grows
It tires woes
A bird shall never peck

Your mouth is shut
In bolted rut
With only cage agape

The offspring wings
Of demon things
Are free without escape

Poem and drawing by Mando Padilla

"Pinnochio's Kids" is the drawing of the day because every day, I dream of monsters.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Jack in the block
Your life's on the clock
For all the crimes you've done

You tried to plea
For insanity
But all you were was shunned

You cannot flee
The death penalty
If you were free, you'd run

When it is done
Lethal injection
But you'd prefer a gun

As you await
Your well deserved fate
The masses gather round

Paid for your crime
Eleven past nine
Sleep six feet underground

Poem and drawing by Mando Padilla 06-09

Jack-in-the-Block is the drawing of the day because every day, I dream of monsters.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

E.coli High

"E.coli High"
Impaled upon
The fork of prongs
Triumphant is the hand

It holds up high
The E.coli
Convulse, you will - not stand

Trust not a cook
With drunken look
Nor one with dirty hands

But if you choose
A chef with booze
Then you may never stand

Poem & drawing by Mando Padilla 06-09

"Sick Cook Off" is the drawing of the day because every day, I dream of monsters.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

She Did Ignite

"She Did Ignite"
I see a face
Or is it three
Upon a vase
Tongues out at me

I see a face
Atop a skull
With ghastly skin
So tightly pulled

Lit up in flames
Her gown alight
Just like the night
She did ignite

She visits me
Tucks me in bed
Then disappears
Because she's dead

But in my soul
I know she's there
With silvery
Green wraps of hair

My soul alight
Just like the night
She did ignite

Poem and acrylic by Mando Padilla 05-09