Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Jack in the block
Your life's on the clock
For all the crimes you've done

You tried to plea
For insanity
But all you were was shunned

You cannot flee
The death penalty
If you were free, you'd run

When it is done
Lethal injection
But you'd prefer a gun

As you await
Your well deserved fate
The masses gather round

Paid for your crime
Eleven past nine
Sleep six feet underground

Poem and drawing by Mando Padilla 06-09

Jack-in-the-Block is the drawing of the day because every day, I dream of monsters.


  1. Interesting.........after many years, many stories, you realize you can't hide from the obvious. And too, you must realize, the media feeds off of people believing every detail they report: uh, teabagging comes to mind, among other crazy stories lately.

    Luckily, or so it appears to start happening, people like that are finally being seen as they are.

    Your clown analogy comes to mind.

    Nicely done and will link you up and drop by from time to time.


  2. I appreciate the feedback Coffee Messiah. Yes, people trying to feel important by regurgitating the media reports during conversations is annoying ... only if it comes across as pretentious. What is crazy is the instant pop-culture icons that criminals become as a result of the hype. So, yes, in a way, my art is a fun sarcastic reaction. Thanks again, cheers! :o)