Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinocchio's Kids II

"Pinocchio's Kids II"
Shall I peck your nose in half
Before it does surpass
The length of neck upon giraffe
Yes, I should do it fast

Your eyes of wander do exceed
No evidence of guilt
And in your dire quench's need
Perhaps then you shalt tilt

The bloodshed all for ridicule
And hence, the postulant
Yet, all your hell was miniscule
And temple tolerant

Relinquish souls of pestilence
And skeletons you kept
Engorging void of innocence
Death has already wept

The masses restless as it grows
Regretfully it shows
Seduction with dramatic woes
For those already foes

Poem and painting by Mando Padilla

"Pinocchio's Kids II" is the painting of the day because everyday, I dream of monsters.

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