Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Robot Zoo

"Robot Zoo"
Pyrite tusks
And glass eye musks
Wanted not what it got
A devilish grin
Upon its chn
And a new pet robot

Synthetic skins
Reptilian tins
With nectar-venom, sweet
Your merry hell
The poisoned well
Your thirst never deplete

Stripe upon stripe
The fruit rots ripe
The imitated laugh
The mime plays dead
Monkeys in its head
Starve - broken necked giraffe

Hyena's numb
Stagnant jokes - crumb
As when the robots rust
Dead crops planted
Blood for granted
The zoo will turn to dust

As for today
Living in play
In wisdom's words anew
For every stream
Has its own dream
In worlds we call the zoo

Poem by and acrylic on canvas by Mando Padilla

"Robot Zoo" is the painting and poem of the day because every day, I Dream of Monsters.

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