Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Helter Skelter Solitaire

"Helter Skelter Solitaire"
What is it you wish?
Your own crucifix?
What sacrifice have you?

Worship in the mirror
A one sided stare
Echos, solitaire
The fictitious lair

Grotesque beyond aim
With abscess's shame
A sting thou shalt claim
For cruel is your name

And while you incite
Yet, another fight
Imprisoned polite
As darkness your light

What pain we endure
From you is so pure
Know self, insecure
A pawn or a lure

Tis' all in the head
Infections will spread
Bandages drop dead
Scab will the force fed

Kindness is not dumb
Time will never come
For all that is numb
But, you'll eat your scum

So fight your own fight
Your own dirty mirror
Lonesome helter-skelter

Poem and painting by Mando Padilla

"Scarifix" is the painting of the day because everyday, I dream of monsters.

The painting was inspired by this drawing I made of a crucified cockroach taking a dump. I bleeding skull was attached to the cockroach's umbelical cord.  The original painting (which I painted over) depicted two steak-torsoed skeleton officers. I liked the color but not the art so I left the corners alone. I started out with dark dots then threw green flames over them. The flames .... up close...totally 3-D. From there, I sketched out the art based on the original drawing. Instead of the cockroach, I opted for a scorpion over a stitched cross. Its dark and humorous at the same time (with the poem to match). Canvas board with a matte spray finish.

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